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Every man at one point of time in their life has wondered what life would be like if they had a amazing beard for the world to see. Some of your favorite celebrities, actors, and models have some crazy beards that you wish you could attain. Honestly majority of men can grow beards. It really comes down to how much you want it and the time you're willing to put in.


We created this article to show you how to grow a beard in detail throughout the blog but if don't have time or don't like reading then please refer to the steps below to get you started off right!

Black Man with Beard

How much time does it take to really grow one?

  • To grow a semi to full beard will take around three months on average.
  • Typically men can experience beard growth at half an inch to a full inch per month

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Truthfully a lot of men don't use beard care products due to lack of understanding the benefits/differences of each one. So they just go about and just let it grow with out properly taking care of it. YES, your beard still may grow but it prevents it from being at it's best. Beard care products provide the needed oils, moisture, and hydration to prevent Beardruff (beard dandruff) and dry skin. 

Wash Routine

You need to have a routine to have the best chance to optimize your beard growth. Having a routine makes it easier to care for your beard because taking care of your skin helps your beard.

Beard Wash vs. Regular Shampoo

Never ever, we repeat NEVER EVER, use regular hair shampoo for your beard. Why do you think there is Beard Wash? That's because the hair on your scalp can tolerate those products but the skin under your beard can't handle them. 

The skin on your head is significantly thicker when compared to the skin under your beard. In comparison, your scalp hair follicles are at least 4x thicker than your facial hair follicles. Additionally, the hair on our head produces more Sebum which naturally makes it more oily. Our beards only produce a minimal amount in comparison which makes those hairs much dryer than our hair on our heads  That's why having a solid Beard Oil in your routine is a necessity for beard growth. We recommend using Beard Wash twice per week to ensure optimal health.

Washing your Beard with Beard Wash everyday is too harmful for your beard so that's where Co-Wash comes into play. Think of Co-Wash as a lighter conditioning beard wash. These products are specifically formulated so they can be used more frequently on your beard without damaging it. We recommend using a Co-Wash around 2-3x times per week. That way it isn't too much and isn't too least. Also the days you decide to use a Beard Wash, you need to make sure to use your Beard Wash first then the Co-Wash. 


1. Beard Oil
Beard Oil is formulated to nourish your skin and hair to provide plenty moisture. Adding a beard oil makes your beard softer, easier to style, and in some cases smell better. Another benefit it has is that it will help with itching which is a plus. Beard oil is essential for beards of all length including those who are just starting out. 

Using Beard Oil
Depending on beard length squeeze a few drops in your hand and rub them together to warm the oil. Next apply it directly to your beard ensuring that you rub it down to your skin. Make sure you have yourself a Beard Brush or Beard Comb to evenly disperse it throughout your beard.

2. Beard Butter
Beard Butter is formulated to have similar benefits to Beard Oil but is more conditioning. Here at Jus Beard Co. we include Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butter within our ingredients to provide you with significant hydration. Additionally, it can help soften your skin and prevents it from feeling dry or Itchy. You can compare our Beard Butter to leave-in conditioner. 

Using Beard Butter
Scoop a small amount with your finger tip and rub in your hands then apply to your beard. Apply more as needed due to it being so nourishing you can use a smaller amount when compared to other products. It's also safe for your skin so don't be afraid to use it anywhere on your skin because it has so many benefits. 

3. Beard Balm
Beard Balm is formulated for styling purposes. It controls all the stray away hairs and gives your beard a more uniformed look. Our Beard Balm has organic beeswax and Shea Butter along with a blend of carrier oils to make sure you're ready for your next date or event. 

Using Beard Balm
Scoop a small amount with your finger tip and rub in your hands then apply to your beard. A little goes a long way with the beard balm. Try using a little more if your beard is longer in length or if it's really being wild.  

Three Beard Woes While Growing

  1. There will initially be dandruff or "Beardruff" when you grow your beard if you're not properly taking care of your beard with Beard Care products. Our perfect solution to take care of that is our Deep Conditioning Beard Butter.
  2. GENETICS have a huge role to play so don't be discouraged if you see other beards that are growing bigger and faster than yours. That could mean their genetics are stronger when it comes to beard/hair growth. 
  3. Last but surely not least, EVERYONE goes through the patchy phase. Although some are worse than others, you have to endure the patchy phase until your beard hairs become longer and start to fill. Remember it's a process so don't give up!


There you have it, this is our guide to growing a great beard! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at Other than that, we hope you guys enjoyed the article and found it valuable! Make sure to share with your friends, family, and bearded brothers! Please check out our Jus Bundle Kit to get started on your beard journey today. 




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