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Black Man with Beard


Jus Beard Co. was born after I received my first beard kit from my fianceé on Christmas of 2018. I had already been growing my beard for a few years but I didn't take care of it or know how to grow it properly. After using the products I received, I started to notice how soft my beard became and how differently it grew. That struck my curiosity to perform more research to experiment with what worked best for my hair texture. After years of research, I started to craft my beard care products that made my beard flourish on another level. Once I gained more knowledge and experience I set my sights on creating a beard care line that was focused towards coarse and unique hair textures. I wanted to create grooming products that were affordable, all-natural, and had real results.  Thus, Jus Beard Co. was born and I am excited to welcome you to the Jus Family!
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