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The Jus Bundle

The Jus Bundle

The Jus Bundle

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Grow your BEST beard with our complete beard care solution. This premium bundle was created to ensure that everyone can have a chance to grow the best version of their beard possible. 

  • Up to 3x Growth – Beards that are thin, patchy, or not connecting don't stand a chance. Our bundle comes with our #1 selling Growth Oil to thicken your hair and add that glow.
  • 100% All Natural – Our all-natural products will moisturize your beard, strengthen your beard hairs to reduce shedding, and properly nourish each follicle down to your skin level
  • Overall Beard Health – The blend of ingredients we chose for each product were put together with health in mind. We want to make sure that we aren't providing our customers with harmful chemicals that will do more harm than good. There are no parabens, sulfates, or preservatives in any of our products.

*Store all products at room temperature*

What's In This Bundle

1. Beard Butter - Gives immediate moisture to your beard and the skin directly beneath.

2. Beard Oil - Nourishes your beard down to the follicles to help promote maximum growth and provides shine

3. Beard Balm - Gives you the ability to style your beard the way you like while providing your beard with the proper nourishment.

4. Two-Sided Bamboo Comb - Perfect tool to evenly disperse all oils throughout the beard. The Bamboo wood doesn't pull hair and is very gentle on your beard. 

 Benefits Of Bundle

  • Nourishes and conditions hair
  • Controls frizz of unruly hairs
  • Moisturizes to treat and prevent, dry, rough, itchy skin and minor irritation
  • Reduces beard shedding
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce acne
  • Vegan – made with certified organic materials
  • No toxins – 100% Paraben/ Sulfate-free
  • Infused with a light masculine scent

How To Use

Step 1: Use the ultra-hydrating Beard Butter up to 2x per day

Step 2: Next comes the nourishment from our Growth Oil up to 2x per day

Step 3: Control those frizzy hairs with the All-Natural Beard Balm every other day or when you see fit

Step 4: Get out the Bamboo Comb to spread evenly throughout your Beard

Customer Reviews

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"Light scent and does what it needs to do."


"It has nice smell to it and as I been using the product I can tell that my beard has been filling in."


"I can't lie, I love this smell and it got my beard feeling right."

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